Monogram Policy

A Unique Gift

For a limited time, Roman Giardino is offering a brand new exclusive service for Free: Initials Embroidery.

As an additional touch of individuality, you can have your first and last name initials written on the sleeve of your Roman Giardino shirt in white thread, and white thread only. The custom needlework is eye-catching without being showy. It's a simple yet effective statement of ownership. 

To have your initials sewn into your Roman Giardino shirt, simply included your desired initials in your order. Take advantage of this chance for free, tasteful customization. This customization option will extend the shipping time by 3 days.


What Is a Shirt Monogram?

Monograms used to be a way to identify to whom the shirt belonged because different groups of shirts were laundered together in good old days. As time goes by, embroidered initials on cuffs give men a unique personal character.



Where to Put a Monogram?

Shirt cuffs and collars are popular locations to embroider initials. Roman Giardino currently provides embroidered cuffs, and collars will be available in the future.